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Important Conversations about Sexting

Tuesday, 11/17, 1:15 PM ET

Kris Gowen | Beyond the Talk

Sexting is now the norm among young adults: What are we doing to help youth prepare for this sexual activity? This session will demonstrate how a comprehensive sex ed approach can provide young people with the skills they need to make healthy decisions about sexting. Attendees will receive a framework to differentiate among different types of sexting, and place sexting in the context of normative youth development. The limited information on how social justice plays a role in sexting practices will also be addressed. Through an activity, participants will be invited to explore their own sexting values and better understand their peers’ values as well, building empathy for different perspectives. This presentation will challenge attendees’ current thinking about this important issue and provide them with skills to approach youth sexting using non-fear-based, non-shaming strategies.

The Power of Innovation: Reimagining School Supports for Pregnant & Parenting Youth

Tuesday, 11/17, 2:30 PM ET

Jennifer Pitt | School District of Philadelphia

Imagine a school culture in which pregnant and parenting student rights are clearly defined through policy and procedure, one that is not only responsive to the needs of pregnant and parenting youth but also makes space for innovative approaches to addressing the complexities they experience in their educational trajectories. Learn how one school district has “doubled down” on the commitment to their youngest families through a comprehensive policy expansion focused on pregnant and parenting students and hear from the team leading adaptations and outreach in the COVID-19 era. See that policy come to life through innovative approaches including a chest/breastfeeding support initiative offered through a public-private-higher education partnership. This session will take you on the path from policy to practice with an added focus on sharing your story through effective communications strategies.

Donors, Surrogates, & Technology: Overhauling How We Talk about Reproduction & Identity with Youth

Wednesday, 11/18, 1:15 PM ET

Rachel Ginocchio | Roads To Family

Imagine yourself sitting in your high school sex ed class, learning for the 100th time that sex makes babies. You have no connection to that message because you yourself were conceived with sperm from . Just last night, you logged onto 23andMe and discovered 25 half-siblings across 8 countries. You stayed up late, combing through their Instagram posts. These types of experiences are more common than you might imagine and have a huge impact on teens’ sense of self, belonging, and relationships—the cornerstones of a healthy sexual identity. With advances in medicine and technology, comes a responsibility to explain human reproduction in a brand new way—one that includes reproductive technology: egg and sperm donors, surrogacy, and assisted reproduction. Through this eye-opening workshop, participants will come away with the knowledge to teach and talk honestly, openly, and inclusively about human reproduction.

What Does It Look like to Support Young Parents…literally?

Wednesday, 11/18, 2:30 PM ET

Shanne Sowards | Squires and Valerie Sedivy, Ella Dorval Hall, and Deborah Chilcoat | Healthy Teen Network

We know how important it is to offer support to young parents, and we know you do too. This session will move past the why and focus on how to do this, leaving you with concrete, practical strategies. You’ll learn what young fathers in Baltimore told us about what it was like trying to get help for themselves and their children and what science says about ways to build meaningful connections with young fathers. You’ll also hear what young mothers in Baltimore have to say about co-parenting and what they need to be successful parents and families. We’ll tie all of this together with specific recommendations you can put into action, whether your role is education, advocacy, or working directly with these young people.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Policies Affecting Youth: A Look at What’s Ahead

Wednesday, 11/18, 2:30 PM ET

Bob Reeg | Healthy Teen Network and Jennifer Driver | SIECUS

By the time of Healthy Teen Network’s 2020 annual conference, national elections, including for President of the United States and the U.S. Congress, will have just concluded. What more opportune time to offer a 2021 reproductive justice public policy forecast from subject matter experts in reproductive justice policy generally and adolescent sexual and reproductive health specifically? 

Hear the prognosis on the good, the bad, and the ugly to come at the national government level from a panel of savvy public policy advocates. Panelists will introduce session participants to The Blueprint for Sexual and Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice, a proactive policy agenda to advance sexual and reproductive health in the United States and around the world. They will review the status of and offer predictions for key adolescent sexual and reproductive health programs, such as the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPPP) and activities of CDC’s Division of Adolescent and Sexual Health (DASH). Also to be covered in this session are legislative developments related to the protection of children from exploitation online and implications of those laws on youth access to sexual health information and services.  

More information on additional breakout sessions coming soon.