Each year, Healthy Teen Network is honored to recognize individuals for their achievements and organizations for the outstanding work they do to support the lives of young people. We are now accepting award nominations for the following categories:

Outstanding Former Teen Parent Award

This award is presented to a former teen mother or father who has overcome the challenges of early parenting to achieve extraordinary personal and/or professional success. Typically, this person is self-sufficient and demonstrates outstanding leadership in achieving community or career goals. Nominees may or may not be current members of Healthy Teen Network.


Youth 360° Innovation Award

How and where youth live, learn, and play matters. We cannot significantly impact health outcomes—and disparities—for all young people without considering the full range of factors that make a critical difference. With the Youth 360° Innovation Award, Healthy Teen Network recognizes emerging innovations and achievements in adolescent sexual and reproductive health promotion that integrate the social determinants of health. Innovation is a critical component of a comprehensive strategy to respond to the dynamic lives of adolescents and young adults. We encourage submissions from organizations and agencies that are committed to a holistic approach and have expanded the scope of their programs and services to address the social determinants of health. The Awards Committee will prioritize submissions that demonstrate promising or innovative approaches to health promotion and are positive and inclusive of the needs of all young people.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Nominees should have made outstanding contributions in the field of adolescent sexual and reproductive health and/or positive youth development including excellence in teen pregnancy and parenting services.
  • Nominees should have demonstrated leadership, creativity, organizational involvement, and effectiveness.
  • All recipients must make a commitment to attend the Annual Awards Ceremony at Healthy Teen Network’s Conference.
  • Financial support will be provided to the Outstanding Teen Parent Awardee.
  • Programs and coalitions employing Healthy Teen Network board members are not eligible to apply.
Nomination Materials

Complete the Healthy Teen Network Award Nomination Form. You will need to provide:

  • A headshot/photo of the nominee to be used in marketing materials, on the conference website, and conference app;
  • A Letter of Nomination not exceeding two typewritten pages, that includes hyperlinks to relevant content, in which the following are specifically addressed:
    • a brief biosketch of the nominee;
    • a brief history of the nominee’s involvement in the field, including a summary of their focus within the field;
    • clearly stated reasons for proposing this nominee.
  • Submit three letters of support for the nomination, two of which must come from outside the nominee’s organization.
  • Optional: Attach any other supportive materials (e.g., news articles, brochures, etc.) as hyperlinks, PDF, or Word documents as desired.
Selection Process
  • Selection Committee (professionals with expertise in relevant fields) reviews applications and recommends award recipients.
  • Final selection of award recipients is made by Healthy Teen Network staff.
  • Award winners are notified no less than 60 days prior to the Awards Ceremony.