SEX+: A Sexual Health Revolution

Shame, fear, and stigma in sexual health education, programs, policies, and services won’t magically disappear. It’s going to take a revolution! We need to change the way we think about adolescents and their sexual and reproductive health. That also means we need to change the ways in which we, youth-supporting professionals, do our work. We need sex-positive attitudes, language, and actions that will create a sex-positive culture—not only for young people, but for all people. A revolution doesn’t happen overnight, but it can happen. Don’t think you are the “revolution-type”? Does “revolution” seem too radical to you? Or too impossible? If you are intrigued by sex-positivity and all the ways it can improve the lives of young people, you are the “revolution-type”! Join others who believe that we cannot wait to move forward!

The 40th annual national Healthy Teen Network conference is a capacity-building professional development and networking opportunity for professionals who work with youth. Specifically, we will address the need to ensure access to high quality and youth-friendly evidence-based and innovative sexuality education and services, and to shore-up and expand policies and practices that respect and meet the needs of youth and young adults, including those who are pregnant and parenting.

What you can expect at the 2019 conference:

50+ skills-building workshop, roundtable, and poster presentations.

Inspiring keynotes and thought-provoking plenary sessions.

Intensive Full- and Half-Day Pre-Conference Institutes on a variety of important topics.

Networking opportunities with fellow adolescent health professionals from all around the country and beyond.

Do you know someone who deserves recognition? Healthy Teen Network is now accepting nominations for the Outstanding Teen Parent and Youth 360° Innovation awards. Submit your nomination today!

On Monday, October 28, Healthy Teen Network will host Pre-Conference Institutes where attendees can choose from several intensive full-day sessions or a half-day session on different topics in the field. Each Pre-Conference Institute has a limited capacity. Advance registration is highly recommended.

Registration is coming soon. Check out our registration guidelines for information about membership, discounts, and deadlines.

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